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Suits and Books: Who are we

Suits and Books is the ultimate place for current and prospective City Professionals in London. From those who are about to begin their City career to the ones already establishing a successful professional path. Our readers are sharp, knowledgeable, curious, eager to learn and valuing a good dress sense.

Our team has a distinctive voice, strong background and a lot of passion for business, economics, career growth and well, suits. We want to grow this platform to become the ultimate guide for a City Professional and be a place which inspires, motivates and sets a positive example.

City Opinions, while perhaps self-explanatory, is the section where you can read about our soft, mild or sharp views on business matters – from international affairs to local outrageous events and financial bubbles.

City Career, our career/graduate section, is the place where you can follow interview tips, motivation articles, self-improvement tips, all about graduate recruitment and more.

City Fashion, aims to be your guilty pleasure stop for wardrobe upgrade ideas. Every week we will aim to release out top picks for business attire of the brands we love and wear ourselves. Because looking dapper is great.

City Lifestyle, is the place where we will be sharing the adventures we have been up to. Think London food hotspots, latest shopping ventures, places worth visiting.

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.


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