Travel in Style: Travel Bags, Love and Size

As much as we didn’t want to be part of the platforms that bombard you with Black Friday deals on the items you HAVE to buy, we started looking what will carry our dear belongings this winter and we came across 3 travel bags that made us fall in love. Deep, probably, unconditional love.

When size doesn’t matter…

If you go on as many holidays and business trips as we do, you’d know the importance of comfort, practicality and let’s say it out loud: vanity/ style. We were casually browsing Ted Baker and we saw AMITHIA.  Then she looked back. There is no need for convincing you that this travel bag is absolutely divinely gorgeous and for just under £150, your Amex can’t stay still for too long. Regular price is £199, but as the Black Friday sale is on until Monday, 28th, we can just encourage you not to wait for too long.

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When size matters….

If travelling extra light isn’t for you and AMITHIA can’t do it all for you, then EVILLIE must be the one. If travelling is known for broadening your cultural horizons, then this beauty is certainly in the art section. We really love the detail, shape, material, you name it and at £161 (reduced from £215), you really can’t ask for more.

travel bag

uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fevillie-metallic-trim-small-suitcase-black%2fxa6w_evillie_black_4-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fevillie-metallic-trim-small-suitcase-black%2fxa6w_evillie_black_2-jpg travel bag uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fevillie-metallic-trim-small-suitcase-black%2fxa6w_evillie_black_6-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fevillie-metallic-trim-small-suitcase-black%2fxa6w_evillie_black_7-jpg travel bag

When size is irrelevant…

SOPHIAZ can help.  Don’t know about your weekend plans, but we envisage regular countryside trips, city getaways, friends sleepovers and who knows, maybe even romantic escapes. (Who are we kidding, did you read this?)  Our dynamic love live aside, we can’t help but see Sophiaz becoming a substantial part of our travelling entourage (Unless she fails to text back, fit all our belongings accordingly).

travel bag uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_1-jpg-1 uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_9c-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_9b-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_8-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_7-jpg uk%2fwomens%2faccessories%2fbags%2fsophiaz-metallic-trim-large-wheel-holdall-bag-black%2fxa6w_sophiaz_black_4-jpg

Whether your heart goes for love, size or comfort, travelling is all about the journey. So you better enjoy the bumps and do it alongside a pretty bag.

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.


This is not a sponsored post and our love for Ted Baker goes a long way.


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