tailored shirt

Tailored shirt: the new necessity for City Professionals

Before starting a City job, we never understood the appeal of a custom-made, tailored shirt. In our mind, all suited and booted folks looked fabulous, sharp and strangely attractive, regardless whether they were wearing a standard TM Lewin, a preppy Ralf or a black Boss. Almost a year into the land of conformity, tall buildings and shiny shoes, we couldn’t think more differently.

Why get a custom-made, tailored shirt?

Because it’s fab and solves a lot of problems.

Fit. You can easily forget about the usual too baggy at waist/too tight at chest, too long for your height, too short to be tucked. It doesn’t take much to try a few high street brands, figure out that cut & measurements are king and realise that despite (obviously) your model-like look, finding a well-fitted shirt is still a little challenge.

Style. Call us old fashioned but we still  believe in the   ‘dress to impress’ concept.

  • Gentlemen: While it is obvious that your wool navy suit is the best on the trading floor/ consulting corner/ lawyers’ corridor, you can, of course, do much more than that. With the expected conformity element killing most if not all creativity in your wardrobe choices, a personal little touch can go a long way. Keep reading.
  • Ladies: Considering what wardrobe choices we have been surrounded by, we must say there is an elephant in the room. City ladies go for smart rather than sharp. Is this a problem? We think so. Cute cardigans, casual tops, polyester trousers, adorable dresses, we have all been there, done that. More often than not, city ladies are not spoiled for choice when it comes to proper, sharp suit looks. Whether this is because most brands for city professionals invest much more into the male side of fashion, we wouldn’t argue. But what is important is that your sharp look can be achieved entirely on your own, without taking for given that your sky blue shirt should have black buttons.


What was the experience?

We never knew much about the ‘made to measure’ concept before ordering our first tailored shirt from the Tailor Store. You’d think that choosing your fabric, colour and size couldn’t be very exciting, but how wrong you have been! If you thought that solving the 2048 puzzle is the best game for grown ups, think again – choosing the shape of your shirts’ buttons is another level of entertainment.

We were completely spoiled for choice with the options of choosing our shirt’s:

  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Sleeve
  • Collar
  • Cuff
  • Placket
  • Pocket
  • Bottom cut
  • Buttons
  • Thread
  • Contrasts
  • Embroidery message
  • Optional handkerchief and tie fix

Let’s be honest, it was quite a temptation to order more than one shirt. With the hat of ‘be your own tailor’ on, we went from classic looks through some crazy colours, arty vibes and unusual shapes, until we reached the balance of what we considered quirky but suitable for the office. If you have seen some of our Twitter ‘teasers’, you would have a clue, but here is the big reveal.

The reveal

The package arrived.


We wanted a contrast collar and we went for it. Obviously.

Who wants classic buttons, when you can have round, shiny blue ones!


The full look


There is nothing ostentatious in a little bit of embroidery. We promise.


The twist? Well, there is no twist.

By this point, you might be thinking ‘It’s just a shirt, I don’t want to spend a fortune.’ Well, you wouldn’t. Both ladies’ and men’s shirts from the Tailor Store, start at £39.99 and have free shipping. Pretty much all of the alterations are free with some fabrics adding a little extra. The fun of playing with the options is priceless.

Are we happy with the quality and the look we got? Absolutely. We already wore it in the office, made a power walk, got asked what is written on our cuff, blushed a little and moved onto ticking off what we had on our daily to do list. A sharp look was already completed.

Suits and Books. Our pleasure. 


SPONSORED: This post was written in a collaboration with the Tailor Store. This affects in no way what we thought of their service and products. Now get yourself a new shirt and join the competition on the Tailor Store website.