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Unlock your Inner Tailor – The Shirt Experience

It has been nearly 2 years since our first Tailor Store review on a made-to-measure shirt and we’re excited to have partnered with the brand again to share with you The Shirt Experience (with a discount!)

tailor store review

Whether you are a corporate warrior,  startup enthusiast or office wear is your statement weekend look, quality shirts are a necessity we can’t afford to ignore. If you have bought as many plain white shirts from high street brands as we have, you would have encountered poor fits, obscure fabrics and hours of ironing time – a trilogy we’d rather avoid. Let’s just say once you go tailored, you can’t go back.


Here are the 5 things that got us impressed (and we don’t get impressed easily).

  1. Our nearly 2 year-old Tailor Store shirt has been worn 25+ times and still looks as good as new –  with colours, fit and fabric unchanged.
  2.  The customisation options are endless – cuffs, buttons, sleeves, collars – you can go as conservative or as quirky as you wish.
  3. Embroidery. What’s more ostentatious than putting your initials on organic cotton fabric?  (We can think of a couple alternatives)
  4. The finish feels and looks luxurious (Male & Female shirts start from £49 pounds, so that can even beat the high street)
  5. If something doesn’t fit right, Tailor Store will give you another go to re-design and re-order at no additional cost. And we thought we give generous second chances. 

The Order

Just 3 weeks ago, we put our creative hats on, unleashed the inner tailor we’ve be hiding, took the measuring tape and choose a wrinkle-free (we’re saving the planet by not ironing, right?), caucel fabric shirt in white, with a contrast collar and cuff.

The Reveal

tailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store review

The Verdict

It’s a beautifully made shirt which we’d proudly take on office walks, client meetings and important presentations. We might keep it in the ‘special’ corner of our wardrobes and that’s because the cut, the fit, the structure and the finish are luxuriously done. It has been a delightful Shirt Experience and we’d encourage you to discover your inner tailor.

Final Thoughts

Tailor Store now offers the full range of tailored clothing – from suits and shirt to chinos and accessories. The brand beats the price of many high street City Professional equivalents with one little difference – it’s done in ‘One size – Yours’. If you’re after high quality fabrics, one size doesn’t fit all approach and you want to put your personal stamp – we’ve got you covered.

As promised, we’re pleased to share with you a discount code which gives 15% off to all new customers on one custom made shirt: Spring17

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

This post was written in collaboration with the Tailor Store. This affects in no way what we thought of their service and products. Now challenge your inner tailor and design your next shirt. 

10 thoughts on “Unlock your Inner Tailor – The Shirt Experience”

  1. I really love this shirt. It’s so well made and classy. With Father’s Day coming up, I know two men who would love to get one! Thanks for your wonderful review x

  2. This is a great idea because clothes of the rack do not fit everyone. I am glad that you are a success now and I will contact you soon with an order too.


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