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Never Too Late to Change Your Focus

Believe it or not, we didn’t start Suits and Books to promote woolen blazers.

We started it as we were on a challenging journey of chasing our dreams nearly 3 years ago and we wanted to share this journey with you. Perhaps, we fell into the big consumerism trap, bombarded by the same media images that we have all been surrounded by. We felt that we stopped creating and only started consuming (Great article by The Minimalists, worth your attention) and we have never felt more ready to change that focus. On a quiet Sunday where making a list with ‘what are we truly passionate about’ seemed like the obvious choice of activity, everything we wrote linked to social change, social mobility, equality, financial education, empowerment, art, mentoring, progression. There were no cute dresses or even obscurely expensive lunches.

We always wanted Suits and Books to be the shortcut for the ambitious, driven, passionate people who were keen to enter the business world. And as we just, ignorantly, found out that ‘Life is short, and Art long.’ was actually a philosophy concept from the Ancient Greek times, it would feel inadequate to continue this journey in the same way.

We have been very fortunate and privileged and for most of the last few years, consciously aware of it. And what we would find truly rewarding is creating value for others.

While we’re figuring out what would be the shape and form of our next project, you can enjoy another moderately exquisite brunch at the Bluebird Chelsea in London from the beginning of this summer.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

Where to Brunch in London – The Spring Edit

If you have been a Suits and Books follower for a while, you couldn’t have missed our love for a good indulgence. This is why we put together the Brunch Spring Edit to make your next foodie planning a little easier.

2017 has already been a strong year for our gastronomy buds – In January we indulged in some authentic Hong Kong dim sums, fine Vietnamese dishes, exotic Cambodian meals and divine Thai seafood platters.  For all globetrotters who didn’t spend their Christmas on a tropical island, London has enough decadent food options to satisfy your sophisticated taste.

Where to Brunch in London – Your next (leisure) stop: Bronte, Strand

What makes a Sunday brunch even better is when it’s done in 1960s chic location, coupled with great service, quality coffee, delicious food and extra generous portions. Just off Trafalgar square, this ‘Swanky, Tom Dixon–designed’ place is far from a touristy trap and as we managed to make a booking on the same day! we can certainly suggest it’s a hidden gem worth discovering.

where to brunch in london where to brunch in london where to brunch in london

We had the ‘Vegetarian’ which was unashamedly generous and more importantly delicious. With a flat white, brunch dish (and a chocolate dessert!), our Sunday was divine. And with prices of £10ish pounds per main, Bronte will be a keeper.

Where to Brunch in London – Your next (work) stop: The Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella 

where to brunch in london

We have lived in London for nearly 4 years and we can say we are yet to rave about broccoli salads in West London lunch delis. Having said that, stop whatever you’re doing and focus on this very moment.

We tried Mayfair’s Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella and it was the most divine, heavenly, tasty, delightful, rich and celestial lunch we have ever had. As much as we’d like to be paid to write this review, this isn’t the case and if you work/ live in Marylebone or Mayfair, you simply need to try it yourself.

We’re far from avid superfood followers and we certainly don’t start our days with kale smoothies, but if you’re looking for some quality delicious food – vegetarian, meat or fish options are on the menu and you’d also have struggles with resisting that sweet counter too.

where to brunch in londonWe were also pretty impressed by Ella’s story (she is only 24!), who has become a sensation in the food industry – with a blog, best-selling cook books and now, Delis.where to brunch in london

So next time you wonder where to grab that compulsory weekly brunch, we’ve got you covered.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure

Stay tuned for our next ‘City Lifestyle’ article on the expensive London restaurants worth your £££