quality winter coats

Quality Winter coats: The Fluffy, The Sleek and the Gorgeous one

London has been getting colder, but this doesn’t mean you can’t compensate the chill feel by investing in some good quality winter coats.

We thought that three types of coats should cover you for most occasions, may that be for the wild-ish weekend away in the countryside when you need to be covered head to toes in quality water/wind/arctic proof materials; may that be for your everyday work coat, which you proudly put on the  hanger in the common area; may that be for your second date where you have decided that blending wool and cashmere is your ‘dress to impress’ approach.

1.The Fluffy one.

If you asked us a while ago, we wouldn’t have even thought of putting what we consider ‘style’ aside to be warm and/or comfortable in the freezing cold. But having experienced the goodness of a timeless parka, we did ask ourselves ‘What were we even thinking?’.

We thought we can suggest to you three amazing options for staying warm and let you choose whether you would wear them in your out-of-city trips, horse riding voyages or walking-the-dog near Kew Gardens expeditions.

This fluffy beauty by Jaeger is a timeless parka, which will certainly fit well with the current British weather – yours for £250.

 2. The Sleek one.

As great as being warm could be, we find elegance equally heartwarming.  You would agree with us that a well-tailored suit brings the best out of you, but so does a well-fitted coat from a quality material that preserves its shape despite being worn for a second (let alone third) season.

We don’t need to pin point the number of occasions you need to look fab, for some it is a day-job anyway, so why don’t we move on to some of our favourites.

This Karen Millen Camel Coat is a luxury Italian wool beauty with a statement faux fur collar and it comes at £350 so if you have decided on buying one winter piece this year, this may well be the one.

 3. The Gorgeous one

You may have noticed that the Internet is a big place. Probably equally big as the Oxford street queues in November/ December. And searching for a well-fitted, slim silhouette gorgeous winter piece could be more stressful than sipping a take away coffee without the lid while walking (maybe it’s just us).

That’s why we have another elegant choice for you, to save the hustle and make the decision what to wear for your next West End theater visit, Duck and Waffle dinner or even regular walk along the Thames.

This statement piece by Hobbs would certainly take you to the Kensignton vibes: it is made of ultra-luxurious jacquard, woven especially for this collection in Italy – which simply screams at us fabulousness, yours for £299.

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.