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Prosecco, The Tudors and Secret Lovers

It was another busy week for us, our taste and culture buds.

On Friday night, in between wondering how we could avoid rainy London bar-hopping and noisy bars with limited space for our coats (and suit jackets), we found out we can do so much better. As the National Portrait Gallery was open until 9pm, we decided to stare at Tudor’s portraits. As you would. One worry off our chests (literally), having utilised the museum’s cloak room, we headed straight to our old acquaintances Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, and Edward. After a good reminder of Anglo-Saxon history and portrait posing skills, there were two key take aways:

1. Only Henry VIII could afford to pose standing on a Persian-style carpet, while all other less opulent aristocrats had their fluffy rugs falsely added to their portrayals (we thought austerity was a recent phenomenon).
2. The only way to celebrate the victory over the Spanish Armada was by wearing gold. Lots of gold.

The Real Tudors: Kings and Queens Rediscovered could be seen until 1st March.

Queen Elizabeth I 
by Unknown English artist, circa 1588
© National Portrait Gallery, London


If someone was to measure the glasses of Prosecco drank as a utility for a successful week, we have probably outdone ourselves.

We know it was again this time of the year and much as we wanted to avoid the commercialisation of lovey-dovey-ness, we probably could have done better. On Sunday, we ended up going to a ‘boozy brunch’ at New Street Grill – a surprisingly lavish place, just off Liverpool Street station. While a pre-browse of the menu gave us an idea of our spending budget, once we were surrounded by 6 waiters better dressed than us, we knew this would be a proper indulgence.

Photography by Alana Madden 2014

If you normally associate a Full English breakfast with an ‘economy’ cafeteria setting, put this thought well behind you. No baked beans, no greasy hash browns, my dears. With a portion smaller than our expectation and taste higher than our anticipation, the honey-cured sausage and bacon, poached eggs and grilled veggies were pure yumminess. We haven’t even started to talk about the Prosecco.

Normally we are vivid supporters of having a drink only after dark. We’re City Professionals after all. Having mentioned it was Valentine’s weekend, even we got a little feeble and inconsiderate. Having utilized the unlimited Prosecco offer and more than a pleasurable experience, we think that New Street Grill is the perfect place to schmooze a potential business partner, treat yourself or bring a secret lover.


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