october in london

October in London: Picasso, Opulence and Entrepreneurs

October in London: what a busy time for our taste, culture and fun buds it has been!


The month started with a weekend getaway from London to sunny Spain – Barcelona! Think rooftop bars, wrongful number of tapas, La Rambla afternoon strolls, 3am wine tasting at the Ikibana and all-night dancing at Opium.

It wasn’t our first time in Barcelona and certainly wouldn’t be our last. Whether you’re just spending the weekend or going there for a full week of tourist activities, Gaudi architecture and chocolate churros must be on your to-do list.

october in londonoctober in londonoctober in londonoctober in london

Images: The Majestic hotel/ Ikibana/ Opium


We were absolutely honoured that we had the opportunity to talk about careers in management consulting at Cass Business School in front of a pretty enthusiastic bunch of 48 postgraduates. Customer-centric case studies aside, that session gave us plenty of material for us to write our latest piece on City Careers: Getting into Management Consulting: 5 Questions you were always afraid to ask.

We also were very lucky to get our hands on tickets for an Eric Schmidt’s talk on Artificial Intelligence at the London School of Economics. As very proud alumni, we even wrote a full review on our key takeaways, which you can read here.

Despite our current deep corporate roots, we have always had a thing for the start-up world and founding Suits and Books was very much out first attempt to create something of our own. We went to a talk by Greg Marsh at the Runway East, the entrepreneur who founded Onefinestay – the luxury equivalent of airbnb and what a talk it was!

As avid travellers and regular airbnb users, it was fantastic to hear from someone who saw a gap in the market, gathered a small starting capital (cough, cough, not so small) and managed to build a £200m brand in 7 years time. Despite Greg’s focus on the darker side of entrepreneurship, namely the sleepless nights, stress and work overtaking your entire existence, it didn’t put us off our own entrepreneurial endeavours.

What were the key takeaways? Despite running a company, heavily utilising the booming shared economy, Greg was confident that in order to start a successful business, you don’t have to follow the latest industry buzz or focus on a world-changing, highly intellectual venture. He stressed that a unique idea itself wouldn’t bring you a fortune, but a semi professional execution would put you in an advantageous position. Greg also suggested that the really hard part of running a business is not the sophisticated strategy planning or choosing which growth accelerator to follow. It was rather the day to day operations of hiring and firing staff as well as raising any rounds of investors’ capital. Nothing groundbreaking but certainly food for thought.

Dinners and Drinks

We thought we didn’t have too much indulgence this month and then we remembered all our fab dinners.

Having visited the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg a couple of years ago, we weren’t strangers to little opulence. Bob Bob Ricard certainly offers you that. Famous for its Champagne buttons, the place offers a mix of Russian and British cuisine, an excellent service and an evening where spoiling yourself is top of the menu.

With a few guests of the restaurant certainly competing for a princess status, we would recommend to bring that suit jacket with you. Just in case.

ba509211_942long reception_desk 4832313714_091979c251_b Images: Bob Bob Ricard

We also had a fabulous dinner at the Garrison, Bermondsey Street and perhaps a little late, tried for the very first time their pork belly dish. Words can’t describe how good it was so if you’re in the area – certainly make it your dinner destination for an unpretentious but classy evening.

We made a return to Rabot 1745, just off Borough Market, knowing their extensive wine (and chocolate) selection. Moments away from the London Bridge madness, this place offers a quaint atmosphere, good wine and space for your ideal after-work catch up.

Certainly a much lively (and loud) place, we visited the Bierschenke near Moorgate and what an experience it was. Think dancing on tables, singing (screaming) songs out loud, being surrounded by trumpet players and 1l beer jugs. Oh, let’s not forget about the lederhosen. For anyone missing an authentic German bar experience, head over straight away.



One of our favorite things about London (apart from the overindulgence above) is the culture scene and the National Portrait Gallery didn’t disappoint us at all. The Picasso Portraits exhibition is on until February 2017 and we can’t recommend it enough, despite how well you think you know your Picasso. With pieces from private collections, New York and Madrid galleries, we’re certain that it is one of the biggest Picasso collections we have ever come across.

capture3october in london


Going through an in-depth review of Picasso’s life, the war times that influenced his style, the success and struggles in his love life, there was certainly more than just a few paintings in a room to look at!

October in London, also offered some seriously good Salsa places, Halloween dress ups and WordPress lessons, but we just can’t share all the fun with you. 🙂

Look out for our new monthly feature which will cover most of our exciting endeavors in London and abroad! November is already in full swing and we have plenty of exciting adventures to share. What kept you busy this month?

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.