Hello Karen Millen Holiday Season – Island Hopping Unleashed

Corporate warriors, entrepreneurial wizards, social enterprise adventurists  – we know you have had enough. You have been craving sunshine, light fabrics, heat, cold drinks, late dinners and we wouldn’t blame you. That’s why we partnered up yet again with one of our favorite brands to deliver for you the Karen Millen Holiday Season (and unleash that island hopper you have always been hiding).

karen millen holiday

The Holiday Destination

Whether you’re a city lover, countryside fan, seaside enthusiast or enjoy the perfect balance, picking that summer destination is an escape worth planning for. In the last couple of years, we have been fortunate enough to explore various locations and discover our adventurous side through:

  • Thailand island snorkeling
  • Croatia boat sailing
  • Italian Riviera browsing
  • Greek islands hopping
  • Hong Kong rooftops exploring
  • Avignon hills climbing
  • Bulgarian coast wakeboarding
  • Cambodia tuk-tuk riding
  • Even Newquay scone hunting

So in case your busy minds are still requiring any help with picking this summer’s getaway destination, you can count on us.

karen millen holiday karen millen holiday

Not everyone has officially opened the sea, sand and sun season,  but Karen Millen has and it is running a #HolidayCompetition for a three night stay for two at a luxury hotel in Mykonos,  plus another treat: your Karen Millen Holiday wardrobe sorted with a £500 gift card (which you can enter here).

So hidden adventurers, your time has come.

karen millen holiday

karen millen holiday


The Holiday Outfit

As time is precious and planning holiday outfits may not be on your priority list, we put together our favorite looks from Karen Millen’s latest collection – the Holiday Shop.

#1: The White Dress

Nothing says holiday like a Midi white dress with a ladylike cut and a beautiful texture ( On sale and yours for £120!)

karen millen holiday karen millen holiday

#2: The Lace Dress

Think late nights, warm summer evenings, strong wine and a stunning  embroidered lace – Yours for £225.

karen millen holiday karen millen holiday

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

This is a sponsored post by Karen Millen and this affects in no way how we feel about holidays, long summer evenings, lace dresses or island hopping. Now explore your inner adventurer with the Holiday Shop


Unlock your Inner Tailor – The Shirt Experience

It has been nearly 2 years since our first Tailor Store review on a made-to-measure shirt and we’re excited to have partnered with the brand again to share with you The Shirt Experience (with a discount!)

tailor store review

Whether you are a corporate warrior,  startup enthusiast or office wear is your statement weekend look, quality shirts are a necessity we can’t afford to ignore. If you have bought as many plain white shirts from high street brands as we have, you would have encountered poor fits, obscure fabrics and hours of ironing time – a trilogy we’d rather avoid. Let’s just say once you go tailored, you can’t go back.


Here are the 5 things that got us impressed (and we don’t get impressed easily).

  1. Our nearly 2 year-old Tailor Store shirt has been worn 25+ times and still looks as good as new –  with colours, fit and fabric unchanged.
  2.  The customisation options are endless – cuffs, buttons, sleeves, collars – you can go as conservative or as quirky as you wish.
  3. Embroidery. What’s more ostentatious than putting your initials on organic cotton fabric?  (We can think of a couple alternatives)
  4. The finish feels and looks luxurious (Male & Female shirts start from £49 pounds, so that can even beat the high street)
  5. If something doesn’t fit right, Tailor Store will give you another go to re-design and re-order at no additional cost. And we thought we give generous second chances. 

The Order

Just 3 weeks ago, we put our creative hats on, unleashed the inner tailor we’ve be hiding, took the measuring tape and choose a wrinkle-free (we’re saving the planet by not ironing, right?), caucel fabric shirt in white, with a contrast collar and cuff.

The Reveal

tailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store reviewtailor store review

The Verdict

It’s a beautifully made shirt which we’d proudly take on office walks, client meetings and important presentations. We might keep it in the ‘special’ corner of our wardrobes and that’s because the cut, the fit, the structure and the finish are luxuriously done. It has been a delightful Shirt Experience and we’d encourage you to discover your inner tailor.

Final Thoughts

Tailor Store now offers the full range of tailored clothing – from suits and shirt to chinos and accessories. The brand beats the price of many high street City Professional equivalents with one little difference – it’s done in ‘One size – Yours’. If you’re after high quality fabrics, one size doesn’t fit all approach and you want to put your personal stamp – we’ve got you covered.

As promised, we’re pleased to share with you a discount code which gives 15% off to all new customers on one custom made shirt: Spring17

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

This post was written in collaboration with the Tailor Store. This affects in no way what we thought of their service and products. Now challenge your inner tailor and design your next shirt. 

Karen Millen Dresses: The Spring Edit

You cannot deny it – spring has arrived, your wardrobe needs an upgrade and there isn’t a better time to go for pop up colours, light fabrics and embrace the fact that summer is just around the corner. Here are 5 Karen Millen Dresses that will boost your bright colour credentials on another level. 


The Spring Dress Edit 1: Coloured Texture Day Dress

We love the rich royal blue, the structured cut and the detail. Yours for £160 from Karen Millen.

The Spring Dress Edit 2: Shawl Collar Pleated Dress

We have already seen that dress all throughout the office and it has been a hit amongst bloggers too. It’s undoubtedly elegant, effortlessly chic and can be yours for £190 from Karen Millen.

The Spring Dress Edit 3: Floral-Print Minidress

As much as we care about your office wardrobe, we want to ensure you have a fun dress for your holidays too. This beauty will soon be a sold out because first, tropical prints, but also it’s currently on sale for £110.

The Spring Dress Edit 4: Lily Print Dress

Office based or not, the Lily Print Dress brings us such Spring/ Summer vibes that we’d happily book yet another holiday. Yours for £145.

The  Spring Dress Edit 5: Yellow Scuba Pencil Dress

It’s not a true Spring Edit unless you add another bold coloured pencil dress to your collection. It’s a classic Karen Millen cut and we all know how those dresses fit. Yours for £170.

What makes it all even better? Until 17th May, Karen Millen are running a promo campaign where you can win £1000 and a styling session!

Karen Millen Fashions Limited
Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

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