November in London: Lobsters, Brunches and Roaring 20s Cocktails

November in London gave us enough reasons to spend significantly more time indoors, open up the salted caramel hot chocolate box, do another round of home decorations and invest in our favourite indulgences.

Polpo, Covent Garden

We got into the most common Friday state of affairs for London – it is 11pm, you’re yet to have dinner and the promise of a 20 minute wait doesn’t play well with the time since your last glass of vino. First world problems aside, we were pleased to go to Polpo and indulge in some Italian style tapas. This Venetian inspired place offered more options than our hungry selves were ready to order, but with a vegetarian Pizette and traditional meatballs, our Friday night felt complete. Service was great, as were the prices, so we expect to come back for some more dinner endeavours.  Ben fatto!

November in LondonNovember in London

 Percy and Founders, Fitzrovia

Every time we stroll through Fitzrovia, we come across numerous cozy looking lunch and brunch places which we’re eager to try, so when we got an invite for Percy and Founders, we knew we were up for a treat.  

We don’t actively miss opportunities for Champagne Sundays but when brunching for the first time at the venue, we decided to give our alcohol buds a rest and spoil ourselves with some French Vanilla toast – because dessert for breakfast is what adulthood is all about. We loved the vibe, the flavors, the atmosphere and we can see Percy becoming a close Sunday friend. With brunch options for under £10, this place is a keeper.

november in london

november in london november in london november in london

Brasserie Blanc, Tower Hill

Speaking of spoiling, we had a divine work lunch at the Brasserie Blanc – a French style brasserie with ambient vibe, classic dishes and the strongest espresso we have ever come across. We indulged in a grilled lobster tail with prawn butter which was a solid chef performance and by looking at the steaks on our table – there wasn’t a wrong choice on the menu.

With a single espresso which gave us the afternoon productivity boost we were only hoping for, Brasserie Blanc is a winner. Tres bon!

november in london november in london

The Book Club/ The Hoxton Grill, Shoreditch

What’s better than a Saturday brunch? Saturday brunch in a Book Club. We knew the venue from a hot summer evening when we visited it as a night club choice, but were surprised to see a packed quirky crowd that was ordering pancakes as if we were in the flour decadence era. We enjoyed the vibe, the coffee and the food choices, but due to the speed of service, we looked out for the next destination: The Hoxton Grill.

As a continuation of our leisure exploration, The Hoxton Grill gave us all you might be searching for on a chilly Saturday – leather armchairs, winter garden, attentive staff and hot chocolate. With steaks on the menu, triggering our curiosity, we should be certainly coming for seconds.

november in london november in london

Bar Americain, Piccadilly Circus

For us, true lovers of the 1920s era, there was a special high pitch level of excitement when we got invited to Bar Americain – an art deco,  dimmed lights and Aviator style décor in the heart of London –  bringing you to early past century Paris without much effort. With a Lindy Hop and Mary Pickford cocktail choices, our taste and alcohol buds were certainly pleased and the environment brought such a retro chic, I-want-to-be-in-a-movie sort of feeling, that we would be going back for more. While the bar is little upscale, drinking Champagne in the roaring 20s can never be cheap. (Yes, some dates are better than others)

november in London

november in London

This November we also brunched at the Sign of the Don which offered us delicious Eggs Florentine and immaculate service, we had the compulsory Prosecco evening at All Bar One as well as the  pornstar martini night at Be At One; all complimented by a plentiful tapas indulgence at the Meson Don Felipe.

It will be an understatement to say we opened up the festive season with a moderate number of celebrations and we can’t even describe to you our December plans. Stay tuned for Part 2 of ‘November in London’ as we’re yet to share which inspiring business events we attended or how we escaped from winter London for a few days.

This is not a sponsored post and our reviews are honest representations of the dining and wining experiences we had. Are you looking for a dining review? You know where to find us.

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