Lobster, Oreo cocktails and Dragons

We wish we can say we went for more than pure indulgence last week, but it will probably be an exaggeration. Here are 3 exciting things we have been up to.


Pancake Day started in its usual way, involving an odd mixture of fridge leftovers as in every other year, but the evening offered us a much more promising recipe. We were introduced to a place called Smack Lobster Deli, perhaps a popular spot for lunch for all those Bond Street workers, but completely unfamiliar for us, the bucolic City Professionals.

You’d think that fast food and lobsters are a no-no, but we were pleased to discover that in its urban décor, it totally worked. With a wine bar downstairs, we were able to make the most of our not so eloquent street food eating skills on an actual table (well, one hanging from the ceiling).

We went for the Seven Samurai option: lobster pieces covered in Japanese mayo and cabbage, cucumber, pickled ginger, spring onions and togarashi spice, all in a toasted bread bun, and the absolutely amazing Courgette Fries which are probably the real reason why you should visit the place.

As we are yet to go to Lobster & Burger (yes, yes, everyone has been there) and with our previous lobster experience, at a lavish work Christmas party where trapeze artists were way more exciting than the food options, we think Smack Lobster Deli is a must – it’s affordable, chic and yummy. Don’t forget about those Courgette Fries.


Three words: Irish Disco biscuit.

We’re not even going to a full-review mode for this one. Forget about Lent, go to the Be at One bar and try it yourself. Probably an extra sweet choice that wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of T (or glass of A), this blend of Bailys, Oreo biscuits and Ice cream got us very excited and we’ll be returning for more.


You might have been staying indoors for too long if you missed the celebrations of the Chinese New Year happening in the last 2 weeks.

While we only grabbed a moon cake (lotus seed paste filled pastry that is traditional for the mid-Autumn festival) and skipped the dim sum we love to have, the real treat was seeing some pink dancing dragons, covered in jewelry. As we were strolling through the crowds, we got to see some piano and harper performances and most importantly, we watched how the dancing dragons were apparently scaring away the evil spirits of the old year.

Looking  back at our week of Paintings, Indulgence and Economics brings us a little sense of jealousy that we were up to slightly more than making sure we change dress sizes, while the one with not just one, but two museums in a weekend made us a little culture-hungry. Even the week packed with Belgian beer had more culture to it because we saw the great Yolanda Brown. And yes, staring at painting of the Tudors also counts as enlightening.

That’s why for next week, we have planned a music night, a university town day-trip and of course, a little indulgence in between.

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.