And the winner is… Liebster Award for Suits and Books

You know you are having a good day when it starts with your first Blogger Award.

What is this Liebster award about?

We were new to the concept of online trophies but very pleased to receive the Liebster Award  – granted by fellow bloggers to youngish online platforms that are still developing their readership and helps them being discovered!

Babs, the founder of Working Girl London,  a lifestyle blog for young working women in London, very kindly chose Suits and Books to receive the award, which  means that someone actually reads our fairly young platform and appreciates our passion for the City life! Big thanks for that!

Perhaps the even more exciting part of that is that now we need to respond to a Q&A, nominate our own favourite websites that are young and thriving and grill them with a Q&A version of our own.

The Q&A  (One of the few times, we will speak in ‘I’ terms)

1. What’s the story behind your blog?

I wanted to collate all my personal knowledge about getting a City job in London onto an online platform which other recent graduates can access and benefit from. Many can relate to the countless interviews, schmoozing networking sessions you have to attend and hours spent in fitting rooms to get a decent City wardrobe. Suits and Books is the shortcut.

2. And where did the name come from?

It took a six and a half hour bus journey with no WiFi – it is surprising how many ideas you might come up with when all you have is pen and paper. I had a vague idea about the website concept – City-focused, London-based, suit-frenzy, education-eager place, but after spending time in some serious word swirling, Suits and Books was born.

3. What other job/hobbies are you fitting your blog around?

I work as a management consultant, focusing on the financial services sector. The feeling of being busy certainly correlates with me feeling happy, so when I don’t draft project management plans or read on the latest banking regulation, I look out for my next venture. I recently got involved with a great initiative called BeyondMe, which promotes generosity in leadership and brings together charities and city professionals. For a while, exploring London felt almost like a full-time job with a grueling schedule of constant food sampling, museum hopping and Time Out flicking (Hard life, indeed). Let’s say I’m taking a more balanced approach now – more creativity, less indulgence.

4. Do you want your blog to remain a hobby or become a full time job?

My full time job and Suits and Books fit quite well together, so I really wouldn’t like to leave any of them behind. The website is more of a creative platform and a promotion tool for the City life, a chance for me to share thoughts on topics I (and hopefully others) care about. My main interest is in capital markets, so I see Suits and Books just as a personal project for now.

5. What’s been your best blogging moment so far?

Suits and Books has been live for 7 months now and it certainly has reached some milestones that have made me smile. Getting consistently to 1000 unique visitors per month, being approached by cool brands for work collaborations, getting the occasional ‘Oh, it looks so professional’ message from friends and even the odd-one ‘What a world we live in, if there are websites which tell men how to dress up? – have all been bright blogging moments.

Best moment? A random guy who told me he has heard about Suits and Books. Felt almost like your song has been played on the radio.

6. What’s been your biggest lesson in blogging so far?

Persistence is key.  It is easy to get distracted by too much traffic analytics or by the 14p you got from advertising. Remind yourself why you have a website, what’s your direction and remember that success isn’t measured by the number of retweets you get. True story.

7. Who do you get your blog/career inspiration from?

If I have to name one person who may have influenced me in blogging terms, that will be Poppy Dinsey, the founder of WIWT (What I Wore Today). Despite the fact she has now moved away from the fashion blogosphere, I find her writing absolutely hilarious, her brand collaborations ones to be desired and ability to create an online community highly motivating.

Who are the lucky ones? Yes, you just got a Liebster Award.

And the winners are….

City Cookie 

2 Helpful Guys 

We are the City

London new girl

Your Q&A

  1. What is the concept behind your website?
  2. Why did you start writing?
  3. What’s your dream brand collaboration?
  4. What helps you with ‘writer’s block’?
  5. What do you do outside of the blogosphere?
  6. What keeps you motivated?
  7. Best blogging moment?
  8. Where do you see your website in 2 years’ time?

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.