karen millen and olympus

Fashion & Photography: Win Olympus Camera & Karen Millen Shopping Spree

Let’s reveal you a little secret. Our love&passion for fashion may have been quite prominent – we have suits in our brand after all. But our feelings for quality photography have never been stronger.

1. The Fashion

You may (and should) have already read our review of the AW16 Karen Millen’s collection featuring 3 strong and prominent characters which we decided to call Fierce, Flamboyant and Eclectic.

We remember very prominently the first time coming across a Karen Millen store 4 years ago in a quaint English town where sharp suit blazers or pen skirts were most often a mirage glare from the busy London commuters passing by.  In those student times, much before Suits and Books was born, we only had the occasional internship interview in a tall shiny building near a City location, which was requiring our moderately average business wear.

16 dresses and suits jackets later, our wardrobes and us can only be grateful that we did enough to land several City jobs and be at a relative ease with our fashion choices. Thankfully, we have a Karen Millen just around the corner too.

2. The Photography

We were very fortunate to get our hands on our first DSLR Canon 450D, aged 18, giving us enough time to understand the difference between aperture, shutter speed and iso. Before the selfie era even begun, we managed to snap thousands of blurry photos (we used to call them self-portraits: how dandy!), understand the beauty of natural light and appreciate a good steady hand. And while you wouldn’t see a photograph taken by us on Suits and Books (we rely heavily on professionals such as Gratisography), we still try to capture every piece of beauty in our regular non-blogging days.

Almost a decade later in which iPhone cameras and sleekly designed point&shoot cameras overtook our lives (and steady hands), fashion and photography haven’t been closer. Amazing fashion icons were born through blogging platforms: just look at Kayture.  And fashion brands are in ever more fierce competition for the newest&brightest YouTube/ Instagram/ Self-hosted WordPress stars.

3. Why is this super exciting?

Karen Millen Fashions LimitedOur very favourite Karen Millen is running a competition, part of its AW16: In Focus campaign where you can win £750 and the iconic Olympus E-PL8 and you have until 31st October to enter.

Don’t go through your ‘self-portrait journey’ unaided: the fashion blogosphere needs you and potentially, a new shnazzy camera.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure. 

This post was kindly sponsored by Karen Millen. Now try your luck!