How to land a graduate job

How to land a graduate job?

We have been lucky to have received many rejections in the past. Not to be too emotional about it, but if you can think of one recruitment-related mistake, we can think of three.

A previous post highlighted that this time of the year is particularly busy, especially for those deciding what to do with their life, at least in the employment sphere. This is why we thought we can ease the turmoil (call it a nightmare) through several posts where we would like to help you land a graduate job.

I. Where to start is unsurprisingly the beginning of the series, where we look into rankings, rumours, skills, self-realisation and other deep issues that can enable the power within, e.g. what job roles and industries you really should be applying for.

II. The CV. Here there is so much that goes wrong that we thought we can compile ‘The 10 things nobody tells you about your CV’. The article will be live at some point, we promise.

III. Tests, tests, tests. Math geniuses we are not. The good news is that you don’t have to be such either. The good old saying that ‘To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail’ is so very relevant here, hence why we are offering you our top tips, best resources and more. (Work in Progress)

IV. How to pass you interview? So you have finally made it to the job interview stage? Congrats. Now is the time for a series of rehearsals where you have three things in mind – the preparation, the storyline and the audience.

V. What is there to assess? Group tasks, presentations, individual tasks, face-to-face interviews, report writing. Let’s go into some detail and make sure you perform at your highest. (Work in Progress)

Suits and Books. Our pleasure.