healthy daily routines

How To Create Healthy Daily Routines Using An App?

In a world where there is a high pressure on you being the most productive, the most disciplined or the healthiest person, there is an increasing need for tools to help you succeed in developing that better version of you.

While it is not a competition, some are obviously winning.

The problem of daily routines

Our days are full of distractions. At work and at home phones are buzzing, emails are flowing, printers are fuming and people are dashing, which leaves us feeling busy, but often anxious and a little restless. If we trust the opinion of Gates and Buffet as to which is the single most important factor for being successful, then there is something we can all do in the ‘focus’ category.

Whether you aspire to adopt the routines of successful business leaders or not, there is little doubt that many of the latter have incorporated strategies to get more done in a day than the average Joe. To do lists help yet habits overrule.

The solution for healthy daily routines

We are strong advocates of keeping our days organised – it helps us focus, prioritise, work productively and relax effectively. So when we got the chance to team up with Rezolute, an app that helps you create daily routines for all aspects of your life (health, productivity, well-being) and track your progress, we knew we were up for a challenging experiment!

What is the Rezolute App? See the YouTube campaign here

healthy daily routines

The 7-day experiment: Can you create healthy daily routines using an app?

Day 1

After coming back from a long wonderful holiday in the Mediterranean to a cold and rainy London, we were sceptical that we would find it easy to switch to healthy meals, regular gym visits, social media-free evenings or even general productivity. We (gladly) followed the advice on Rezolute’s website to start slowly with building up the daily routines list and not ambitiously sign up for a 10k run each morning and a book of reading per day.

We split our goals into three categories – health, work and personal – and started adding things that first, we thought would make us feel better (eating good food and keeping active), more productive (e.g. a strong ‘no’ to the constant multitasking between emails, actual tasks and phone distractions) and lastly, added things we knew would make us feel happier (actual downtime, quality coffee, more outdoor time, time for our hobbies).

The Day 1 end result? We ticked off exactly half of our initially planned tasks (15/30), which gave us a good reality check on all three aspects of our exciting lives – there was some progress to be made.

Day 3

This was an intense day with a busy evening too, so we didn’t update the Rezolute App until quite late at night. We were almost surprised to see that we manage to squeeze in most of our goals and got to the impressive (20/30) score – with a gym session in the morning, a fully ticked off list of tasks at work and even a quiet reading moment in the evening.

Day 7

By this point, we felt like Rezolute Pros. Swiping through the day, we felt we were making consciously better daily choices – whether that would be what to have for lunch or how much time to spend on answering semi-unimportant emails. We didn’t reach out the full ‘perfect day’ status, but we got pretty close with (26/30) completion of tasks and a great feeling of satisfaction. We guess that there must be something true in ‘Every man is the architect of his own fortune.’

The Verdict

We loved the idea of getting in control of our daily routines and working towards improving them. Rezolute didn’t cause a revolution in our lives for 7 days, but we certainly had much more self-awareness of what we do well and what needs a bit more perseverance. This is not the first productivity-inducing tool we have come across, but it certainly doesn’t feel like yet another tracking app – it focuses on habit and routine, putting you as the builder of your own day.

One may say that there is more to life than a fulfilled to-do list, but you can’t argue with its creative alternative – a rainbow circle.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.

*This review was in collaboration with the Rezolute app, which doesn’t change how we felt about the experience or the final verdict. Now go to the App Store and download Rezolute.