Suits and Books

FAQ for City Professionals

Is this a website about Suits or Books?

Neither. We like to think of it as a reflection of the life that many City Professionals have – being passionately curious, strongly opinionated and looking dapper.

Great, so how do I buy a suit from you?

While we love suits, we do not offer such services. However, we will be glad to share tips on attire, based on our personal preferences. Have you seen our section ‘City Fashion‘?

I want to get a City job but it seems too difficult. Help.

We are full of tips. (Not literally). Head over to the City Careers section. You can find out what are our tips on job interviews, the planning process and cover letters.

And who are you? Why do you think you can give me advice about jobs or universities?

We are London School of Economics graduates who work in one of the top consulting firms in the world. Our team has a distinctive voice, strong backgrounds and a lot of passion for education, career growth and fashion.

I still don’t get it. Why should I spend time here?

We’re the only UK platform combining career and fashion blogging targeted at City Professionals in London. We’re a young and growing community, at the forefront of fashion and city trends.

Our categories City Opinions, City Career, City Fashion, City Lifestyle represent our interests and those of many others – exploring London’s hot spots, expressing views on burning business and economic issues, enhancing career development and naturally, looking as dapper as possible.



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