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The Expensive London Restaurants which are Worth it

If you have had as many affairs with Mayfair as we have, you’d certainly have come across overpriced places whose menus and clientele raise your eyebrows.

Le Boudin Blanc, City Social and Sketch aren’t one of those expensive London restaurants that make you regret your professional foodie status. Think rustic Gallic food; art-deco skyline fine dining and a 2-Michelin star swanky plush retro venue that will bring your dopamine and eyebrows levels a very steady uplift.

 Le Boudin Blanc, Mayfair

expensive london restaurantsexpensive london restaurants


Whether you think you love French cuisine or not, we found Le Boudin Blanc to be offering that charming mix of cozy unpretentiousness and personable service with food that triggers more than one of your senses. Split over two floors, this Mayfair gem brought a very special  Paris feeling to us while making our indulgence proper in a bustling atmosphere.


Regardless of your Le Poissions or Le Viandes preferences, our 3-course meal was a five star experience from beginning to end.  The attentive service, divine tastes and rich wine might have helped. For £70 per head (including wine), you might be looking for a special occasion or just the regular treat you love giving yourself.


Perfect for a ‘mother-daughter’ special time or a business meeting where you wouldn’t mind the proximity of the oyster sauce to your paper contracts. If there is one advice, we’re going to give you – leave your French lovers at home – as all waiters are authentic French speakers, they might spend the better part of the evening discussing how scarce bona fide cuisine has become.

Pas besoin d’un merci! 

City Social, Bankexpensive London restaurants

We certainly have a thing for skyline dining  – might be the adrenaline coming from the top floor or the rocket high bills.


We went to City Social just a few weeks ago after some seriously good feedback from friends. Might have been influenced by the number of Bellinis we started with and the general Friday mood, but we found the decor, ambiance and staff to be one of the best we have come across. With about 6 waiters swirling around us, the direct view of the Gherkin and the special chair for our bag, we couldn’t reject the claim that sometimes fine dining can buy you happiness.

THE FOODexpensive London restaurants

At 10pm on a Friday, City Social couldn’t offer us all of the options on their menu but neither of the Tuna Tataki, Newlyn Cod or Hazelnut Plaisir Sucre left us asking for more. With a beautiful presentation a la MasterChef, rich tastes and a very gourmet feel, our evening was a great blend of divine food in a stunning setting. As we left the restaurant as the very last guests with staff being consciously patient to the deep 1.30am conversations we were engaged in, even the £95 per head felt like a solid performance. expensive London restaurants

Sketch, Mayfair

For the London affectedly grand scene, Sketch doesn’t need an introduction.

The Parlour

expensive London restaurants

The Lecture Room

expensive London restaurant

The Gallery

expensive London restaurants

expensive London restaurants

The Gladeexpensive London restaurants


We must admit, it has been almost a year since our last visit to Sketch but whether you decide to visit the Lecture room, the Parlour or the Glade, this 2-Michelin star venue would increase your ‘off scale’ limits to a new high. This place can become a decadent guilty pleasure, especially if the fantasy of affordability evaporates as quickly as you enjoy the champagne taste.


You might want to bring your gastronomy dictionary with you because Sketch offers a lot of French-induced dishes that might question your professional foodie status (or perhaps it’s handy to bring that French lover with you).  At about £120 per person, this wacky place is certainly pricey which can be a  ‘love it or hate it’ venue, depending on how creative you like your expensive London restaurants to be.

We’d certainly be coming for seconds.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.


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