Conferences, Pop-up Bars and One-day trips

When you combine an LSE conference, a pop-up bar visit and a trip to Cambridge, you know you have had a pretty good week.

LSE conference

Our week had a strong start with a power conference on female entrepreneurship, organised by the LSE Business Society, but open for the non-LSE audience too. Not that we expected anything less, but this 3-hour event brought inspiration, an overview of huge success stories and many lessons learned. We had the pleasure of listening to more than 10 entrepreneurial talks, but 2 of them we found truly inspiring.

  • The founder of Zaggora, Dessi Ball, a super ambitious lady, who didn’t exactly settle for a comfortable City career in investment banking (as comfortable as that could be). She was searching for sport pants that make you lose weight quicker and when she couldn’t find such, Dessi started a sportswear company which now has a 500k online community and multi million turnover.

Her book recommendation? The hard thing about hard things.

  • The founder of Mustard Seed, Henry Wigan, decided to become an angel investor for socially-driven entrepreneurs, responding to the funding gap that they may often experience. With a similarly successful City background (Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, LSE, you name it), it was fantastic to see someone who decided to leave to corporate world for a more inquisitive career path.



Described as the “Top of Pop-up bars”, Paperworks near Borough, is the ultimate London spot if you’re looking for an outdoor bar, urban surroundings, open fires, good music, intriguing crowd, street food, unusual beer choice and cobblestones! While the gas heaters gave us a little bit of summer warmth, perhaps wait for a sunny spring late afternoon to explore this post-hipster place. We tried the classical hot dog as well as the veggie one (yes, it was tasty!), so we can simply encourage you to visit Paperworks. It’s awesome!

pop up barpop up bar

Images by Paperworks

  Cambridge trip

Despite our great love for London and all its quirkiness, we have always been eager to explore quaint English towns and indulge in the occasional outdoorsy vibe we may get. After our recent trip to the land of ‘preppy shirts, leather bound books and sand-stone buildings’, we decided to go straight to its biggest competitor – perhaps in regards to the education it offers, its punting capabilities and if not better, its preppy shirts.

This time we decided to skip the chance to go to an organised tour with a guide wearing socks + sandals and choose what’s best to be seen ourselves. With some college-browsing, afternoon cake and riverside walks, our verdict is clear. King’s College Chapel exquisite architecture, bizarre looking University library and less touristy feel, for a day-trip out of the weekend London frenzy-ness, Cambridge turned out to be the better choice.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.