Blues, Vegans and Preppy Shirts

This week we got up to some blues music, vegan meals, preppy shirts exposure and cheese boards.

Ain’t Nothing But
If you’re looking for an unpretentious, no fee (Sunday to Thursday), live music venue, where you will be able to get a seat, we have a winner and it’s called Ain’t Nothing But. Slightly hidden from the Carnaby Street shopping frenzy madness, this Blues Bar could easily become your ultimate mid-week pleasure spot with its 2 acts per evening. We were lucky to get there just before 6.30 when the first gig starts, and if you’re aiming for a front table, you should too. Don’t forget you are going for a night of blues so place the wish for cheerful songs behind you, here we’re talking (well, singing) about breakups, sorrow and more. Every night you get a different set of artists and we were more than pleased to come across a guitar/harmonica duo that entertained us for the whole evening.

For anyone with a busy City job, the allure of full-hour lunch breaks is often substituted with a quick but lovely Arancini Brothers risotto balls wrap (maybe that’s just us), a glorious Caribbean/Turkish/Mexican from Wrap it up (all of you, for sure) or a mediocre Pret sandwich (sorry, Pret). That’s why when we got the chance to go to Ekachai for a second time this year, we had some high-ish expectations, which were luckily met. After previously munching on some chicken Cashew Nut gem, this time we decided to go vegan and indulge in a Spinach, Mushroom And Tempe dish. Think wok, think delicious. This bustling, suit-packed place just off Liverpool Street station, seems to be the perfect spot for either a business lunch or a semi-lonely newspaper + meal experience.

After a series of serial (and serious) overindulgences, we took a day trip to the land of preppy Polo shirts, leather-bound books and sand-stone buildings, namely Oxford. With the mandatory visit of the Ashmolean museum, discovering some extinct civilisations and the even more mandatory walking tour led by a middle-aged guy in sandals + socks, we have some key take aways for you:
• In 1878 women were admitted for the first time in the Oxford colleges. It wasn’t until the 1920s when women, despite allowed to study alongside their male colleagues, were given degrees (and also the right to vote).
• The town and gown riots in 1355 led to 63 students being killed by locals.
• Gargoyles (or grotesques since they don’t spout water) are part of the decoration on one of the University Colleges. Because classic statues are boring.


A couple of weeks ago we referred to the New Street Grill as the place to take your secret lover(s). This week we found something much better (as if we were looking for one). Victualler, just off Wapping station, was such a treat on a Sunday evening with its low light, good wine and delicious food that it made us wonder how many more secluded hidden spots we have been missing on.
With only a glass of a Portuguese white, we can’t really comment whether they are the ‘natural, organic, biodynamic wine specialists’, but based on the whole experience, Victualler is our week’s food winner. With essentially one main on the menu, the Lamb stew, it simply had to be right and indeed it was. If you’re overly hungry or unwilling to spend more than your average meal budget, this French-feel place may not be your favourite, but after a cheeseboard with homemade chutney and the stew goodness, there was nothing more to ask for. Not even a secret lover.

Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.


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