Affiliates, Coffee and Theatre

Two Weeks of a City Professional into one post! We know, we know, sometimes our life is more exciting than a weekly article can handle.

If you read Blues, Vegans and Preppy Shirts, you should have noticed that we were trying to compensate for the recent lack of culture and skip the usual overindulgence(s). We think that for the last fortnight we have had a healthy balance of affiliated marketing, cocktails, Italian coffee and wine, British Theater, London museums and High tea. As healthy as that could be.

Affiliated marketing. It is no secret that behind Suits and Books, there is a commercial element (ta da!). We love to read, write and express our immensely great thoughts and our main purpose will always be to grow readership through quality, engaging and hopefully helpful set of articles. But while we do so, it will be slightly more incentivising if can we can enhance our monetary status quo through also putting across the products and services we love. Enough about the small print.

We were invited to take part in a Marketing workshop from one of the largest affiliated networks in the UK: Rakuten (Linkshare) and we must admit that on top of the benefit of enormous quantities of snacks, we received a great introduction to the world of clicks, purchases and online traffic. We would highly recommend to all newbie and semi-newbie publishers of content websites (avoiding that B-word) to give it a go. Whether you sign up to the network directly or express interest in their events, getting some tips and guidance from the people whose full-time job is connecting brands and writers, is pretty valuable. If unfamiliar with the concept, publishers apply to become affiliates with the brands they want to represent and if a purchase through the recommended links/banners is made, a percentage of the value of the item is allocated to the publisher.

LinkShare UK Referral Program

This way you can work with a bunch of exciting brands and share with your readers what they may be searching anyway. By partnering with the brands that relate to City Professionals, we hope we can offer the shortcut to a good suit purchase, a suitable weekend attire or a conservative interview outfit. We didn’t even run out of adjectives with our top 21 brands we started collaborating:

The stylish Austen Reed , The affordable Burton, The stunning Casadei , The edgy Guess, The stylish French Connection, The universally loved House of Fraser, The classy Italist , The world-class Jeager , The premium Jigsaw, The superior L.K.Bennet, The high street Mango, The suit-packed Moss Bros, The stunning Ralth Lauren, The luxury Millu Millu, The very favorite Reiss, The shirt-packed TM Lewin, The amazing Ted Baker, The stylishly cozy The White Company, The weekend-ready Tommy Hilfiger, The timeless Timex, The upmarket Vanmildert.


Italian Coffee. We probably haven’t written enough on how much of coffee admirers we actually are. While we wouldn’t like to go to the extreme coffee-snob category, we find that the process of becoming pickier has intensified and £4 a jar supermarket choices are no longer viable (sorry Nescafe!). How can you go back to basics after having tried the latte in Monmouth, the espresso in Hej or the flat white (fat wife) in Fuckoffee, all in close proximity to our waking up spot.

So when we came across a cafe packed with Illy choices, just a street away from the Oxford Street madness, our caffeine-induced frenziness increased with another level. Think tables with attached tablets for entertainment (a big Samsung ad on its own), waiters in proper outfits and most importantly, amazingly smooth coffee! While in many of the chain cafes, the fast turnaround is almost expected, we must admit despite spending 3 hours, we didn’t even feel rushed. We loved the style, whether Italian or not, and there is no doubt we will be coming for more!


Image by Modus Furniture


Theater on a Monday? Yes, we went that far to squeeze in something cultural in our ever more hectic days. After a long-ish pause of going to West End performances, we finally saw 39 Steps in the Criterion Theater (Piccadilly Circus), which based on the amount of fliers/posters/online ads seen over the last year, has probably been advertised more than necessary. It came as a pleasant surprise to find a light, unpretentious and very affordable  play with great acting and awesome visuals. No purpose in sharing the plot but we’re talking mysterious female foreigners, train journeys, police inspectors and ladders!



Jamie’s Italian. It’s a shame that when we excitedly went to Gordon Ramsey’s Wine Bar, just off Embankment, we found it dirty, smelly and crowded, putting us off all ‘chef-branded’ places in London, which seems to eliminate a good number. Despite our great fears, we went to Jamie’s Italian, again in the Piccadilly circus area, and enjoyed a very different experience. Plenty of space for a 6pm central London bar, even on a school night, with somewhat authentic atmosphere that is worth the visit,


Image by Andy Thornton

After the quick bite of the Crispy Porcini Mushroom Arancini and Italian Nachos, a ravioli and cheese goodness, we were left with the good feeling of wanting some more and while we only stayed in the bar area, which doesn’t require a reservation, we think we would most probably do the proper meal experience. Nice one Jamie!


We will do our best to keep up with the weekly articles and we’re very excited about our next recap! Think entrepreneurs, feminists and punting in Cambridge to name a few.
Suits and Books. Our Pleasure.


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